Pac-Man How to Score 100,000 on the Atari Home Game

by Yuksel Manalp

Front Cover and Back Cover

1982 and 48 pages by Arbor Books
ISBN 0-911101-00-4

This is another very rare Pac-man book for the Atari 2600 game

The first half of the book is just the basics.
Explaining Pac-man, the Ghost, even the joystick.
But the second half is the patterns.
There are patterns in this book for Fast Pac-man and Slow Pac-man

Here are three more images
Contents, Diagrams 1 & 2 and Patterns page

Rarity level: Extremely Rare
sells for $50 and up IF you can find it
Is this book even on any Classic gaming book list?
The ISBN wasn't even recognized on the Internet

Information Level: A
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