The Video Player's Back-Pocket Guide to:
Donkey Kong

by Fred Goldstein and Stand Goldstein

A series of six small books that will fit in your back pocket.

Front Cover and Pocket version Back Cover

These are SMALL, measures 4" x 3.25"

This is a series of SIX different books.
1982 and 64 pages each
About half of each book explains the Basics of each game
These are cool little books, BUT I do not feel that they contained anything
that I didn't already know.

TEMPEST is the best book in the series.
Only because there are no other book I know of that is just for TEMPEST!


Rarity level: ER+
Expect to pay $40 and up
They are all super hard to find, But I would say that
the Donkey Kong is more common than the others.
I have found three of them in the last five years.
But I still need the Centipede and Pac-man versions.

Information Level:A
The only book I know that is dedicated to Tempest!

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