How to master Home Video Games

Tom Hirschfeld

Front Cover and Back Cover

1981 and 177 pages

There are three versions of this book:
1. Original
2. With the added Pac-man on the lower right corner
3. With the added Pac-man on the lower right corner
AND "Special Book Club edition" on the cover

Cover 16 most popular home video games
Like Asteroids, Space Invaders, Warlords, Missile Command
Sea Battle, Armor Battle,, Astrosmash, Space Armada
Kaboom, Dragster, Freeway, Laserblast, Stampede

Even includes a 27 step-by-step guide in finding
the hidden "Easter Egg" in Atari 2600 Adventure!

Rarity level: Extremely Rare
(this book never shows up much on eBay)
Information Level: A
Must have book in your collection

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